Shashi Tharoor replied to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet, I want to see every woman as strong as you

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who has criticized Kangana Ranaut for suggesting fixing her salary to recognize the work of domestic women, has given her response. Shashi Tharoor, while replying to Kangana Ranaut’s disagreement, tweeted, ‘I agree with Kangana Ranaut that many things happen in a homemaker’s life and cannot be valued. But it is not for those things. This is so that their unpaid work can also be recognized and every woman of the country can be entitled to a basic income. I would like every woman in the country to be as strong as you are. ‘

Shashi Tharoor, while endorsing a suggestion from actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan, said that I also support the suggestion of fixing some monthly honorarium for domestic women. This will be a step towards universal basic income. Kangana Ranaut, opposing this suggestion, said that this is wrong. The value of a lifetime of sacrifice and precious contribution cannot be determined by women. It will be like that you try to give God a price for his creations. Kangana said that we are the queen of a small empire like our home and we do not need salary for this.

Kangana Ranaut had tweeted, ‘Don’t try to put a price tag on the basis of sex. We are doing what we are doing with love and we do not need salary for our home-grown kingdom. Stop looking at everything from the point of view of business. Surrender to your lady because she does not want only love, respect and salary. Not only this, while reacting to the comment of another user, Kangana Ranaut said that it would be like making a woman a servant in her own house.

In another tweet, he wrote, ‘Many people are jealous of my ability because on any topic I can throw my opponents layer by layer and make x-rays on any subject. Do not get jealous or angry with me, but strengthen your intellectual capacity.