Shahnaz Gill shared the video, said – if it becomes thick again, I will not get work again

‘Bigg Boss 13’ contestant Shahnaz Gill is in the news. Their transformation photos and videos are often viral on social media. Shehnaz also continues to entertain them by chatting live with the fans. Recently Shahnaz Gill did a live session with the fans. In this, he answered the questions asked by the fans.

Shahnaz Gill shared the video. In it, she is seen saying that the makeup she is sitting on during the session, she has done it herself. They also own eyebrows. She tries many times, but today after a long time, her eyebrows have become good. She watches several videos of eyebrows and makeup, after which she practices. Shahnaz wants to make herself so capable that she does not need a makeup artist. Make money as both an actor and makeup artist.

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After this, Shahnaz is seen talking about his transformation. She says that earlier she was Chobi, but now she has lost a lot of weight. On being chewed again, Shahnaz Gill said that I do not want to be chewed again, because again I will not get work.