Rohanpreet said while narrating Lovestory, Neha wrote my fortune, Singer started crying

Fans are very keen to know about the love story of Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh, who got married in the last days of last year. Meanwhile, on the stage of Indian Idol, Rohanpreet Singh himself has told about Neha Kakkar and her love story. Rohanpreet Singh told how he and Neha fell in love at first sight. When Rohanpreet Singh was narrating the love story, Neha Kakkar became very emotional and tears were flowing from her eyes. Actually, an Indian Idol contestant had asked both of them how your love story had started. Replying to this, Rohanpreet said that you can say how my life changed.

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Rohanpreet Singh said, ‘I was standing in front of a glass and tying a turban and a call came from his management. He said that a new song from Neha Kakkar is coming. Will you work as their costar in it? To this I said whether it is a matter of asking. When I went there and was entering, Neha looked at me. That was my day and today I am sitting in front of you. You can say that it was a life changing moment for me. I would say that God listens quickly to those who are close to him. Not only did he write that song, he also wrote my luck with it.

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Rohanpreet Singh gave his success to Neha Kakkar and said that whatever I am today, I am only because of them. Neha has written my luck in a way. Rohanpreet Singh said, ‘I and my friends often wondered when I would go to such a big stage. I will tell my mother today that your son is here today. Today I am here because of them. People love me a lot wherever I go. It is only because of Neha. When Rohanpreet was narrating her love story on stage, tears were flowing from Neha Kakkar’s eyes sitting next to her. She was very emotional to hear Rohanpreet’s words.

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Among the celebrity weddings held last year, Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet’s marriage was also discussed. Both of them had performed many functions of their wedding in Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh. Both were stopped in Mumbai on September 21. Neha Kakkar’s new album Nehu Da Vyah was released a month later. After this, both of them held turmeric and henna ceremonies on 23 October in Delhi. Music ceremonies were also organized on this day. The next day both of them had Anand in the gurudwara. Not only this, in the evening on the same day, both of them were also married to Hindu customs.