My little mohalla … Smriti Irani shared poetry on Instagram, went viral

Poetry is a powerful medium for telling any story. Through poetry you can say well about a place and time. Good poems also express feelings and memories. If you believe in these things and love good poems then this is for you. Union Minister Smriti Irani has shared a clip reading the poem of a woman, which is being well liked on social media. Smriti Irani has shared the video with my ‘Chhota Sa Mohalla’ caption.

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Sharing the poem, Smriti has written, ‘I don’t know who it is, but many of us have had the experience to live the life we ​​have described. There are many people who have huge capital in their account. There are big bungalows and lots of cars, but the real treasure for me is relationships. Those memories that tell us who we are and where we came from. I had a similar small neighborhood. With Peepal tree … and yours? ‘ However, Smriti Irani has also edited the post after revealing the name of a woman reading poetry by a user in the comment. He later wrote that she is the woman Jaya Sarkar.

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Through a poem called ‘Chota Sa Mohalla’, Jaya Sarkar reminds us of those old days when someone in the locality used to tell someone’s address. Even a passerby used to come to his rightful place. This poem, in a way, tells about the culture of the mohallas in the pre-urban era. The poem shared by Smriti Irani has also been liked by Instagram users. Many people have said that this poem reminds them of their old days.

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Jaya Sarkar herself has also commented on her post when Smriti Irani shared the poem. Jaya Sarkar thanked Smriti Irani, writing, ‘It is a matter of great pleasure that you have shared this poem. You have rightly said that we are the lucky people who have lived the mohalla culture. The locality of his childhood is enshrined in his heart. I have always been a fan of yours. The matter that came out of the heart reached the heart, writing became meaningful. Jai Ho.’