Madhuri Dixit told husband Shriram Nene a better cook than her, said- make anything

Actress Madhuri Dixit, who often puts her cooking videos on social media, says that her husband Dr. Sriram Nene is a better cook than her. Madhuri Dixit says that her husband has learned the nuances of cooking from the personal chef of his family in America. The chef from whom he learned all of this is French. In an interview, Madhuri Dixit said that she missed cooking quite a lot when she was young. He said that I started working because from a very young age. Could not do cooking in this situation. However, I learned a lot of skills during this period.

Madhuri Dixit told the Times of India that when I was growing up, I knew a little bit of cooking. At that time, I used to make omelets and used to make poha or bhaji. But after starting work at an early age, I did not get much cooking opportunity. I know how to make anything today, most of the things that I learned after marriage. My father Sriram Nene was a French cook in America, he used to help him. So they learned a lot of recipes from him. So he can prepare anything. Whether you ask for continental food, French or Italian.

The actress said that she has learned to make more Indian food from her mother. Every dish I cook is my mother’s recipe. So they too have learned Indian cooking from my mother and to some extent from me. So Shriram is a good cook to me, but I also do not cook poorly.

Madhuri Dixit often shares her cooking videos on Instagram. He has more than 2 crore followers on this social media platform. Not only this, he also has close to 5 lakh subscribers on YouTube. She keeps sharing her and husband’s videos in the kitchen in addition to her daily vlogs and music videos.