Kapil Sharma could not say ‘Auspicious’ even after trying many times, watch video

Comedian Kapil Sharma had asked on Twitter on Monday what the good news means in English. All kinds of speculations were being made about his tweet, but now he himself has given ‘good news’. It was being said about Kapil Sharma that he could appear in a web series soon. Now putting an end to all the speculations, Kapil Sharma has told that he is going to be seen in a Netflix project. However, he has also given this information in a very interesting way. He has shared a video in which he is seen speaking the dialog for a shoot. In this, he is unable to utter the word ‘Auspicious’ even after many attempts. In the end, he is successful and tells that I will be coming to Netflix soon.

Kapil Sharma has given this information in the caption along with this video. Kapil Sharma wrote, ‘You people should not pay attention to rumors, just believe me. I will be on Netflix India soon. This is good news. ‘ Talking about his digital debut in video, Kapil Sharma said that I am coming, you on TV, laptop and phone. This was good news.

Kapil Sharma, called the Comedy King, has thus agreed to make a debut in the digital world. For a long time, he was being speculated to appear in a web series. Kapil Sharma, who entertained the audience through his Humor for the past several years, is looking very excited by this announcement by Kapil Sharma.

The way he has given information through funny videos has greatly increased the enthusiasm of the audience. Earlier on Sunday, when he asked people on Twitter what is the English of good news, people were making all kinds of speculations about it. Some Twitter users also said that maybe Kapil Sharma is going to be a father again. Let me tell you that Kapil Sharma has been known for his comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and people have loved this show for many years. In this show, he calls a guest and continues to do comedy with him.