Kangana Ranaut’s attack on Congress leader Pawan Kheda, laughing at me later cries

Kangana Ranaut attacked Congress leader Pawan Kheda and said that those who once laughed at him, are crying today. Kangana Ranaut, replying to Pawan Kheda’s tweet, wrote, ‘Laugh at me. When I came into the film industry, everyone used to laugh at me. He used to laugh at my speaking style. Used to make fun of my hair. Laughed at my clothes, my weak English. He laughed a lot … He cried after this. Still crying Hahaha. Laugh, laugh a lot, keep laughing. ‘ In fact, Pawan Kheda, while tweeting on a tweet by Kangana Ranaut, said that the year of 2021 is going to be at least full of humor.

Kangana Ranaut wrote in a tweet, ‘Many people tease me because of their ability to debate on any subject. How do I read the minds of my opponents and do x-rays on any subject. Do not be jealous nor angry. Try to strengthen and sharpen your intelligence. Focus on strengthening yourself. ‘

In response to this, Pawan Kheda wrote tightly on Kangana Ranaut’s tweet that this year is going to be at least full of humors. Kangana Ranaut gave a sharp reply to this and wrote that people used to laugh at her while coming in the industry and today she is crying.

Meanwhile, in another tweet, Kangana Ranaut has thanked the fans. Kangana Ranaut said that she joined Twitter in August last year, having her three million followers. The series started with a few thousand followers. I never thought that this figure would reach 3 million so soon.

Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut often keeps sharing photos and videos with her fans. Apart from this, she also frequently comments on social and political issues. Recently, he has also continuously tweeted about the farmer movement. Not only this, he has also got into a heated debate with many stars including Diljit Dosanjh.