Kajol breaks silence on the question of discrimination in Bollywood with women, know what said

In the film industry, the question of lack of work opportunities for actresses often gets discussed. Now the reaction of actress Kajol has also come to this. Kajol, who has been a part of the film industry for the past 29 years, says that this is true to some extent, but there are also instances where there is no discrimination. Raising this issue recently, actress Dia Mirza said that it seems strange for actors above 50 years to act out romance with girls half their age.

Talking about this issue, Kajol gave some examples and said, ‘The truth is that actresses like Sharmila Tagore, Sadhana, Nargis Dutt have worked long after marriage. The actress was in her 40s and worked in the industry. Yes, it is true that today people are looking at this issue from a different perspective. Today, we suddenly see something that has never happened before. But this happened earlier also. Even my mother Tanuja did not stop working. ‘ Kajol said that there are many female actors who have been working continuously.

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Giving his example, Kajol said that I am here and working. I am very proud of it. I do not attach much importance to the issue of age in Bollywood. I never did that. The only thing is whether you yourself feel that you are too old for some work. After all, why Aamir Khan can play the role of a college student in the film Three Idiot at the age of 40 and why not me. He believed that he could do this and he did so with some special effects.

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Kajol said that the thing is what people think about you. If people believe that you can do some work then it can happen and if they do not think so then you will not get work. In the recently released film Tribhanga, Kajol appeared in the role of an odyssey dancer.