Jagjit Singh had given this famous singer the first break, pocketed 1500 rupees

Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh entered the world of music at a time when established singers like Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi were in the limelight. Nevertheless, he made a place with his own style of singing ghazals and songs. Jagjit Singh, who has made his mark through the Kavi Sammelan since 9th grade, is known for many memorable songs in Hindi cinema. Touch you with your lips, I saw you, so I thought, like Jagjit Singh, who was famous for immortal songs, was also very much ahead in helping. Even Kumar Sanu got his first break due to his help. Kumar Sanu himself admitted this in an interview in 2015.

Kumar Sanu had told that it was with the help of Jagjit Singh that he got the first break to work with Kalyanji Anandji. Kumar Sanu had told, ‘I was recording Kishore Kumar’s songs. At the same time, Jagjit Singh was recording his ghazals there. He was very impressed when he heard my songs. Jagjit called me for an appointment and I was not sure that he was in the studio. I was surprised to see them. As soon as I touched his feet, he asked me to come home the next day at 12 noon. When I reached to meet, Jagjit Singh ji asked me to sing a song of Kishore Kumar. I sang ‘window in front of me’. After this he gave me paper and pen and asked me to learn new.

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Kumar Sanu says, ‘I learned to sing in 5 minutes and then he took me to his car and took me to the studio. I sang for about 10 to 15 days and then they hugged me. He had given me Rs 1,500 out of his pocket. Then we took that song and reached Kalyanji-Anandji near Peddar Road. The music directors listened to my song and also liked it. In this way, I got my first break in career because of Jagjit Singh. Born to a government employee, Jagjit Singh had released more than 40 private albums in his career.

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The era in which he earned a name in the music world was not easy. Filmmaker Subhash Ghai once told about his and Jagjit Singh’s struggle days, ‘Our dreams were different. I wanted to be a hero and he wanted to be a playback singer for movies. These were the last days of the 1960s. Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore Kumar were dominating at that time. In such a situation, the scope was less for any new singer. I asked him why playback? To this, he replied to me and said, ‘Why only the hero! After this both of us started laughing, but both of us had no hope for the future at that time.