15-year-old boy harassing director Hansal Mehta’s family

Director Hansal Mehta and his family were harassed by a mere 15-year-old teenager. In this connection, Hansal Mehta had also filed a police complaint, but now he has withdrawn the complaint from the police. The actor says that the accused is very young, so it is not right to take action against him. Actually Hansal Mehta had complained about constant calls and harassment from an unknown number. The filmmaker sought help from the Mumbai Police. He was told that he would have to lodge a police complaint. Only then can an investigation be done. Hansal Mehta tweeted a complaint after being upset over the call that night from that number.

After being disturbed by the crank call all night, Hansal Mehta tweeted that the matter has been resolved. Hansal Mehta has tweeted, ‘The matter has been resolved. I had filed a complaint with the Mumbai police after tweeting to the Maharashtra government. They have learned about the collar without losing time. But the person who cranked is not the person who has that number. Instead, his younger brother, who is only 14-15 years old, was troubled. He often called at random numbers. He used to do this for fun. How can an action be taken against someone so young?

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Hansal Mehta says that it was not a matter of fear that the call was coming. Actually that teenager was constantly calling my wife’s phone. We could also switch off the phone, but this is not a solution. How could we know that the person who is calling, what is his intention or is he following us? We needed to move forward on this issue so that the whole matter could be known.

After the matter is resolved, the director has also deleted his previous tweet. Professionally speaking, director Hansal Mehta’s comedy drama film ‘Chalang’ has been released recently. Released in November, the film featured several people including Rajkumar Rao, Nusrat Bharucha as part of the star cast. Apart from this, Hansal Mehta has also directed ‘Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story’ web series, which has been highly praised by the people.