Corona virus: Bollywood industry losses more than Rs 2500 crore

Around the world at the moment Corona virus Is wreaking havoc All the industry is in the grip of it and its impact is also on the film industry. In view of the increasing cases of Corona virus, the government has declared a lockdown in the country. In such a situation, all theaters are closed due to safety of the people and for this reason many films have not been released.

Corona virus caught many films
Let me tell you that due to Corona virus, Irfan Khan’s last film ‘English Medium’ released on March 13 first hit. After this, Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Suryavanshi’ on March 24 and Ranveer Singh’s film ’83’ on April 10 has not been released. No film has been released for the last two months and there is no possibility of a film being released for at least the next two months.

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Importance of overseas revenue for big Hindi films
According to trade analyst Komal Nahata, there is a possibility of loss of more than Rs 2500 crore to Bollywood. He told during a conversation that India’s problems are more because theaters will have to be opened around the world. Overseas revenue plays a major role in the total revenue of major Hindi films.

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Komal Nahata further said that if the cinemas reopen it is unlikely that the earnings will be the same. He said that Chinese cinemas are selling tickets keeping in mind the social distancing. If you are selling tickets on the basis of social distancing, you will have to sell one and sell the ticket. This will earn 50% and it will have an impact on the budget of the film. He told that the big filmmakers and stars may get their salary deducted for this loss as the maximum amount of the film’s budget goes to the filmstars.

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Movies can be released on OTT platform
Given the current situation, no one can say when things will return to normal. Along with this, the question is that if theaters open then will people come to see the film. There are reports that many films are opting for OTT release just like ‘English Medium’ but there is no official confirmation.

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