VIDEO: Salman Khan cut a cake with the media in the middle of the night, said – I am alone here, I forgot the year

Salman Khan Today (December 27) is a very special day for K fans. Salman is 55 years old today. Salman’s fans are expressing their love for him on social media. Meanwhile, some media photographers also reached outside their Panvel farmhouse for the Mid Night Celebration. Paparaji got the cake cut from Salman. After this, Salman explained why this year is different for him.

Salman praised everyone’s recovery
As soon as Salman came, the noise of ‘Radhe-Radhe’ started to be heard. She was given a birthday wish. Salman cut the cake after this and told the media, this time there will be no celebration of the birthday. There is no one here in Panvel just family members. Anyway, I do not want to do anything because this year has been bad for everyone, so this time it is not a celebration. Hope to get well next year. Meanwhile, Salman said, which year is next? 2021 told by Futogrfers. After this, Salman wished everyone a happy new year.

Salman also spoke on the release of the film ‘Radhe’
On the question of the film ‘Radhe’, Salman said that it will happen when it is released. Situation corrected. All start going back to theaters. Everyone has enough money to spend on entertainment. There was a commitment of the last Eid, if everything goes well on this Eid, it will be released on this Eid. Salman said that the film was released and if someone dies or becomes ill after going there, it will not be right.

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