VIDEO: Kangana Ranaut showed glimpse of brother’s wedding, wrote- Today’s daughter’s room must be empty

Kangana Ranaut Although living in limelight due to the controls, the posts related to his family are very cute. Recently there is a wedding atmosphere at their house. One brother is married and one is going to be married. In such a situation, Kangana welcomed the new daughter-in-law with an emotional note.

Kangana emotional about her daughter’s departure
Kangana has posted a video clip of the wedding, written along, bless Karan and Anjali, today our house has come for a daughter, but when I think of Anjali’s parents, my heart gets heavy, today their house Would have listened, he cut off a part of his heart and gave it to us, today his daughter’s room must have become empty, no more than charity.

Kangana and Rangoli did a lot of dance
Kangana has been posting related to brother’s wedding for the past several days. Another video of recent Rangoli was revealed. While Rangoli did a bang dance on ‘Kajra Mohabbatwala’, Kangana was seen in a group dance. Kangana had told that they are getting married after almost 1 decade at their home. Earlier, Rangoli was married.

VIDEO: Kangana Ranaut’s sister Rangoli did a bang dance on ‘Kajra Mohabbatwala’

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