Video: Fear of Corona, Sarah Ali Khan says – will not remove mask

There are frequent celebrity spots at events and airports in Bollywood. During this time, Paparaji often takes pictures of them and asks them to pose. Though now Corona virus After the shadows, celebrities have become more aware than ever before and photographers Masks They are not posing after taking off. Recently so Sara Ali Khan have said. Paparaji kept asking him to pose without a mask but he did not remove the mask.

In fact, recently Parineeti Chopra and Sara Ali Khan were spotted wearing masks at different places. Both of them refused to take off the mask in front of Paparaji. Sara Ali Khan clicked a few selfies with her fans but did not allow Paparaji to pose without masks. She even refused to take off the mask when Sara reached her car. See, Video:

By the way, before that Kareena Kapoor was also spotted after shooting her talk show but she refused to remove the mask. Apart from Kareena, Kriti Sanon, who recently won the Corona virus battle, was also seen at the airport but refused to take off the mask. Let us know that in the last few days, artists like Varun Dhawan, Rakulpreet, Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor have been hit by the Corona virus, so now Sylabs are taking some more precautions.