Sukma Ke Sahadev’s new song ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’ went viral, the song sung by Netflix’s popular series | Sahdev of Sukma, who sang ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’, sang a new song, social media once again dominated

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Internet sensation Sukma’s Sahadev’s ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’ became very viral, after which he became famous. Sahdev has now sung the title track of Netflix’s popular series ‘Money Heist’, which is once again rocking the social media platforms.

new song of sahadev

In the new video, Sahdev is singing ‘Bella Chao Bella Chao’ in his own style and people are very fond of his song. Users are sharing this new video of him with their friends and are commenting a lot. Sahadev has once again dominated social media, fans are praising him.

life changed after singing

After the song ‘Baspan Ka Pyaar’ went viral, the life of Sahdev of Sukma district of Chhattisgarh has changed. His song became so popular that Bollywood rapper Badshah spoke to him and recorded the song with him. Sahdev had arrived on the stage of ‘Indian Idol 12’ as a guest. Celebrities of the industry also shared their dance moves on this song on Instagram account. The CM of Chhattisgarh also met Sahdev and wished him a bright future.

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