Secret wedding of Bollywood celebs: Aamir Khan, Govinda hid the news of their marriage for the sake of career, these celebs were also married and remained single

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  • Bollywood Celebs Secret Wedding: Aamir Khan, Govinda Had Hidden The News Of Their Marriage For The Sake Of Career, These Celebs Were Also Married And Remained Single

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26 minutes ago

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Fans are always eager to know the news of personal life of Bollywood celebs. Celebs are always in the news due to the news of relation sometimes marriage, but there are some big celebrities of Bollywood who tried to show themselves as single in the eyes of the times despite being married. Let’s know who those stars are

Aamir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood, Aamir Khan, as a lead actor in Bollywood from the 1988 film Qayamat Se Qayamat. Reena Dutta also played a small role in this film. Reena and Aamir married on 18 April 1986, before the release of the first film. Both of them had hidden the matter of their marriage from the family for several months, but after a few months, the families of both of them came to know about it. Later, Aamir’s family asked him to hide this thing for a few days for the sake of his career as it could affect his image. The two have two children, Ira Khan and Junaid, whose custody has been given to Reena after their divorce. The two divorced in 2002.

Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood’s Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant surprised everyone by marrying on 28 July 2019. Rakhi, who has always been in the limelight due to her strange words, shared some pictures of her wedding, in which she was sometimes seen as an Indian or sometimes a Christian bride. For several days Rakhi described it as just a photoshoot but after a few months, she confessed to marrying. Rakhi told that she has married NRI Ritesh, although not a single picture of Ritesh has been revealed so far. Some still consider Rakhi’s marriage to be a publicity stunt.


Popular star Govinda of the 90s married Sunita Ahuja on 11 March 1987. Govinda was launched by director Anand Singh from his film Tan-Badan which was released in 1986. Meanwhile, he met Anand Singh’s sister-in-law Sunita and both got married in a year. When both were married, Govinda’s first film was released. For the sake of his career, the actor kept the wedding curtain under wraps for 4 years. According to the mother’s wish, Govinda married Sunita again in the year 2015 with full custom. His mother wanted Govinda to remarry at the age of 49.

Archana Puran Singh

Archana Puran Singh, who was seen on the Kapil Sharma Show, married Parmeet Sethi in 1992. Archana was a well-known actress at that time, but due to her profession, Parmeet’s family members were not agreeing to get married. When the family flatly refused to marry, both of them went against the family and got married. The family did not bother, so both of them had ruled their marriage for 4 years. Archana herself has revealed this in the Kapil Sharma show.

Juhi Chawla

Bollywood’s popular actress Juhi Chawla secretly married the successful businessman Jai Mehta in the year 1995. The actress kept her marriage hidden for a long time. During an interview, Juhi told that when she got married, her career was at peak point. Marriage did not affect his career, so he kept this matter secret. The actress said that there was no camera in anyone’s mobile phone at that time, so it was easier to keep the marriage secret.

Arhan Khan

Arhan Khan, who became a wild card member in Bigg Boss 13, was in a relationship with television actress Rashmi Desai. He was already married at the time when Arhan was with Rashmi and he also had a son, but Rashmi and the rest were completely unaware of it. This was revealed by Salman Khan on national television. Hearing this, Rashmi was quite shocked and separated from Arhaan.

Holy punia

The growing proximity of Ijaz and the holy Punia in Bigg Boss 14’s house was in considerable discussion. But the householders were unaware that they were already married. Pious had previously been the girlfriend of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra. Paras has told in an interview that Pavitra hid his marriage. When suddenly one day Paras got a call from the husband of the pious, he came to know about this and the two separated.

Divya Bharti

The most favorite actress of the 90s, Divya Bharti, has just died at the age of 19. The actress fell from her building on 5 April 1993, leading to her death. Investigation revealed that directors Sajid Nadiadwala and Divya married secretly in the year 1992. Divya was very young and she was constantly getting films, so both kept the marriage secret.

Angad Hasija

Sapna Babul’s farewell fame actor Angad Hasija secretly married Parmeet Hasija in 2007. Angad had hidden the matter of getting married for several days, for fear of losing his fan following. They also have a daughter, Angel.