Rakhi Sawant’s Brother Rakesh revealed that his mother Jaya is struggling with stomach cancer | Rakhi Sawant’s brother Rakesh revealed- Mother Jaya is struggling with stomach cancer, surgery to be done in a few days

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One hour ago

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Rakhi is in Bigg Boss house these days. His mother Jaya was talked about on a video call during Family Week. In which it was revealed that he was in the hospital. Now Rakhi’s brother Rakesh has revealed that his mother has a tumor in the stomach and that he will have major surgery in the coming days. Rakhi, seeing her mother in the hospital, started crying bitterly, she also said that mother, you should get well soon.

Rakhi spoke to her mother during Family Week
Rakhi said during Family Week that she is sure that no one will come to meet her as her mother is not well and her alleged husband does not want to publicly reveal her identity. After this, Bigg Boss gave surprise to Rakhi and spoke to her mother on video call.

Rakhi is eager to meet her husband
Rakhi’s brother said- I think the most important thing for her right now is to meet her husband. Rakhi just wants to see her husband once and she is praying for him. Rakhi’s husband is abroad, things are getting difficult for him due to lack of business and flights.

Rakhi’s marriage is not false – Rakesh
Rakesh says that I know people are understanding that Rakhi is lying about her marriage but imagine why a girl would do this. I myself was a part of that marriage. Rakesh said that we are all trying to come to India once so that we can tell people that this marriage is not false. He further said that Rakhi has found a good life partner in the form of Ritesh. Whereas in previous life, people like Abhishek Awasthi used it to make their career.