rajat bedi allegedly hitting a person: A case has been registered against Rajat Bedi after allegedly hitting a person with his car in Andheri area: Koi Mil Gaya

‘Koi Mil Gaya’ actor Rajat Bedi (Koi Mil Gaya actor Rajat BediA case has been registered against It is being told that actor Rajat Bedi hit a man in Andheri area last evening (September 6, 2021). A case has been registered against the incident at DN Nagar police station. The family members of the injured man admitted that the actor himself helped him to reach the hospital.

According to the information received, actor Rajat Bedi was driving late on Monday night and during this time he allegedly hit a man with his car in Andheri. A case has been registered against Rajat Bedi at DN Nagar police station. It is being told that the 39-year-old man residing in DN Nagar was returning home from his work when the accident happened. According to reports, the man was walking on the road while intoxicated when he suddenly collided with Rajat’s car. However, Rajat did not run away after this accident, but he helped the victim.

It is being told that the man was in an unconscious state while crossing the road. In this accident, the person has suffered a head injury. In a conversation with Mid-Day, the victim’s wife has told that the incident happened at 6.30 pm, when her husband was returning home from work and was intoxicated. He told that he collided with actor Rajat Bedi’s car, when he was crossing the road, he fell down and suffered a head injury.

According to the information received from the police, Rajat immediately took the injured person to the hospital. Rajat himself informed the hospital people that he had hit this person with his car on the way. At present, the person injured in this incident is hospitalized. There is also news that the condition of this person admitted in the hospital is critical.

Talking about Rajat’s films, apart from ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, he has appeared in many films like ‘Rocky’, ‘Chalbaaz’, ‘Rakt’, ‘Khamosh’.

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