‘Pushpa’ of ‘Kabir Singh’ got the photoshoot done without telling the parents, it was such a reaction seeing the calendar

You will remember Pushpa of ‘Kabir Singh’. The same med whose hands break the glass when Shahid Kapoor runs after him in a rage. Pushpa played the role of Vanita Kharat in the film. Vanita is in the news due to one of her nude photoshoots. He gave a nude pose to a calendar for 2021, that too with a positive message. She says that she is proud of her body and it doesn’t matter what your body shape or color is. Vanita is being praised everywhere. The special thing is that Vanita did not even tell her parents about this photoshoot. But when the photoshoot came, the parents saw the picture and their reaction was also ‘proud’.

Who is Vanita Kharat?
Vanita Kharat is basically Marathi films and theater actress. ‘Kabir Singh’ was his first Hindi film. Vanita is also an excellent comedian. He has also worked in a Marathi reality comedy show. Vanita was born in Mumbai and from her upbringing to education, everything has taken place in Mumbai itself.

Why did Vanita get a photoshoot?
Talking to our colleague ETimes, Vanita said, ‘This was Abhijit Panse’s concept. I already knew him. The idea of ​​the calendar is that we are all beautiful. No girl or woman needs to feel ashamed that she is overweight. Through this photoshoot, our attempt is to give the message that be positive about your body. For this it is not necessary to be blond or to be white.

Who drew the picture for the calendar and where did it draw?
Vanita says that her photograph has been drawn by famous photographer Tejas Nerurkar for the calendar. She is a big name in the industry and Vanita is happy that she took this photo. This picture has been drawn just before the new year in Mumbai.

How was the parents’ reaction after seeing the photo?
Vanitha says, ‘To tell the truth, I did not tell the parents anything about it. When all was done, I told him and showed him my photo. He too took it positive. They know that it is my job and they also said that it is part of your work. But he assured me that the picture has turned out well and I am not looking bad in it.

What kind of reactions are you getting on a new photoshoot?
Vanita says, ‘My friends and everyone associated with the industry have liked it very much. Even the people I do not know, they have given positive response on this. People are calling me and appreciating me. Some women even called up and said that after seeing the pictures and messages, they feel good for themselves. Many people asked why I held the kite, on which I said that the kite represents a free and elevated mind. Having big and high dreams takes you further in life.