Payal Ghosh Rape Case: Actress said – mental condition was worsened after what Anurag Kashyap did, I still scream in sleep

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Payal Ghosh, who accused Anurag Kashyap of rape, says that after this incident, he started having anxiety and panic attacks. In a conversation with a news website, he said- I first buried this incident inside myself. My doctor told me that you are hiding something. When the doctor incited me, I realized that this incident could be the reason behind my mental state.

‘What Kashyap did, he continues to bother’

Speaking to Gulf News, Payal said, “I come from a family where women are not allowed to work.” I was considering myself as the pioneer of the women of my family. But what Mr. Kashyap did, he continued to haunt me.

Then I decided that I should stop it. I believe that I did not have courage before. But now it is. I knew that if I do not come forward and keep talking, this incident will always bother me.

‘I couldn’t even turn off the light at night’

Payal says- I am taking medicines for anxiety and panic attacks. I was constantly afraid that I would be attacked after what happened to me. I couldn’t even turn off the light at night. I thought someone would attack me.

My sister says that I often scream in my sleep that someone is attacking me. I have felt panic attacks, which feel dizzy and suffocated.

What happened to Payal?

Payal told in an interview – I first met her in her office with my manager. When they asked me to come home and meet, I went with my driver. He had treated me well during the meeting in the office and told how many big actors were constantly in touch with him.

At that time, I felt it was good to talk to an outsider who made himself big. I found him inspiring because he was not from the industry. They made themselves on their own. So when they called me home, I didn’t think much.

I want to clarify that he is not the first director or actor of Bollywood to try to give me a chance. But the rest respected my ‘N’. They did not try to force me. This is the main difference. When I called him (Anurag) ‘No’, it was not respected.

Anurag Kashyap denied the allegations

On September 22, Payal Ghosh filed a rape case against Anurag. He alleges that Anurag raped a location on Curry Road in Versova in 2013. On October 8, Anurag Kashyap was questioned for about 8 hours in this case.

The filmmaker told the police that all Payal’s allegations were false and baseless. There is absolutely no truth in them. This is a conspiracy against me. However, when the police asked who would be conspiring against them, they could not give any answer.

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