New guest came to Suzanne Khan’s house, named Purple Khan

Hrithik Roshan Key x-wife Suzanne Khan A new guest has come to his house. This new guest is a small puppy named Suzanne by Purple Khan. Suzanne, who has been active on social media, has shared a picture of this papi on social media. His son Ridan is also seen standing behind Suzanne in the picture.

Sharing the photo with Pappy on her Instagram, Suzanne wrote, “Hello Beautiful Purple … welcome to our family. Little Princess of Jay and Maljo. Purple Khan. See this Instagram post of Suzanne Khan:

Let me tell you that Suzanne Khan was in the news recently, while a party was run by the police at a club in Mumbai late night illegally. The news came that Suzanne Khan was also involved in this party and she was arrested by the police. However, Suzanne later clarified on social media that she was not arrested by the police.