makers of ‘thalaivi’ sort issues: Kangana Ranaut starrer Thalaivii producers have accepted the conditions proposed by theater owners

The makers of Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Thalaivi’ have announced its release date as September 10. However, the cinematographers were not ready to release the film on the terms of the producers. After this, Kangana appealed to the cinema people.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Thalaivi’ is all set for release, but there are some difficulties in the release of the film in theatres. If the experts are to be believed, then at present the problem is coming with the OTT release of Kangana’s film. Actually, the film will be released on OTT in Tamil and Telugu four weeks after its release. The makers of ‘Thalaivi’ want to release its Hindi version on OTT within two weeks of its release, while cinematographers are not ready to give a release window of less than four weeks.

It is worth noting that before Kovid, films were released on OTT after eight weeks of release in cinema, but after Kovid, the release window of OTT after cinema has been reduced to four weeks. Now on this whole matter, Kangana has shared a post for the multiplex owners.

Kangana wrote, ‘Please support each other in this difficult time. None of the movies are being released in theatres. There are only a few films that have the potential to be released in theatres. Like the producers of my film are thinking of compromising a lot and taking the risk of releasing the film in theatres. This has been possible only because of people’s love for cinema.

Release will be decided at the last minute
Talking about this, Yogesh Raizada, Vice President, Web Cinemas said, “Discussions are going on for early release of Kangana’s film on OTT. Actually, the makers of the film want to release it in Hindi on OTT cinema only after two weeks of its release. Whereas cinematographers are not ready to give an OTT release window of less than four weeks. Now is the time for the release of the film. At present, talks are going on. The final terms of the release of the film will be finalized only till the last minute.

On the other hand, Rajkumar Mehrotra, CEO of Delight Cinemas, says, ‘After Kovid, films are going on OTT after four weeks of release on cinema. Recently Sher Shah and Bellbottom have also been released on the same condition. But now the makers of ‘Thalaivi’ want the film to release on OTT in Hindi only after two weeks. Now it has to be seen what is the verdict in this matter. Whatever decision the multiplexers take in this matter, we will also support them.

However, according to reports, it is being said that the producers of ‘Thalaivi’ have accepted the advice of the theater owners and like other films, this too will be released on OTT only after four weeks.

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