Kangana Ranaut’s answer to Shashi Tharoor, said – I want to see everyone as strong as you

On Tuesday 5 December Shashi Tharoor Of a Tweet On Kangana Ranaut His idea was rejected while replying. Now Shashi Tharoor has also responded to Kangana Ranaut on this issue. In fact, Shashi wrote in his tweet that even women doing housework should be counted in salaried profession. Kangana, however, did not like the idea and opposed it.

Now, responding to Kangana, Shashi Tharoor wrote, ‘I agree with you Kangana Ranaut, there are many things in the life of a domestic woman that cannot be valued. But it is not about those things, it is about the value of their work which is never paid and it is also for a basic income for every woman. I want all Indian women to be as strong as you are. ‘

What did Tharoor write earlier?
Shashi Tharoor wrote in his tweet, ‘I welcome the idea of ​​Kamal Haasan in which he has said that housework should be given the status of salaried profession and monthly allowance to the state governments for women working in the house. must be given. Through this, women working at home in the society will be identified and monetized their services, which will increase their power, autonomy and help them get closer to universal basic income. ‘

This was Kangana’s answer
Kangana wrote in response to this, ‘Do not price our love and sexuality. Do not pay us to take care of your loved ones. We do not need salary to become the queen of our own small world, stop looking at all things as business. Be completely devoted to your woman because she needs you completely, not just your love, respect or salary. ‘

Kangana Ranaut trolled on first tweet and did second tweet, people are enjoying this too