Kangana Ranaut warns the ‘baddies’ of the city, do not do this work if you come to Himachal

Kangana Ranaut Whatever comes in the heart of her, she speaks, whether it is public place or social media. Now he has vented his anger on the tourists coming to Himachal. A Twitter user has posted a picture of Spiti Valley. Retweeting this he has explained something to the people of the city.

Said- the beautiful valley will become a garbage
Kangana wrote in her tweet, “Come to Himachal Pradesh but don’t throw plastic around, especially single-use plastic like empty bottles and packets of chips”. This beautiful valley will become a big garbage house in a day if some incomprehensible and bad-tempered people of the city reached here. Please do not do this.

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Initially, people used to consider the village as a judge
In another tweet Kangana wrote, Himachal has also become a favorite place for shooting films. In the beginning, when I used to tell people that I am from Himachal, people did not know much about it and judged me as coming from a far away village, it is a good development, make it beneficial in ecology too. .

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Kangana is busy preparing for her brothers wedding
Ever since the lockdown has been announced, Kangana has shifted to Manali in her home town of Himachal Pradesh. From there she keeps posting many beautiful pictures and videos. At the moment he Brothers wedding Busy preparing for

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