Jubani war started again in Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu? Giving a hint

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut And Taapsee Pannu There has been a lot of verbal war between Now once again the war between them is coming on social media. Actually, Kangana has retweeted some tweets in which Tapsee Pannu is targeted. After that, Taapsee has also tweeted a tweet which is believed to be Kangana’s answer to him.

Kangana targets Tapsee
Kangana shared a tweet of one of her fans claiming that Tapsee copied Kangana in a photoshoot. In this tweet, Taapsee was called a cheap copy of Kangana and Kangana wrote, ‘What was my future before this genius? This has made me very worried and thinking about it makes me jealous. I do not know about others but I do not want to live in a world where such art, beauty and talent exists. ‘

Tapasi also replied
Taapsee Pannu was called by Kangana’s sister Rangoli a ‘cheap copy of Kangana’. Tapsi had responded even then and even now Tapsee has given a tweet which is considered as a reply to Kangana. However, Taapsee has not targeted Kangana directly. Taapsee has shared a quote in his tweet which reads, ‘A capable and confident person is not jealous of anything. Burning is constant and is a symptom of mental insecurity of a human being.

Kangna also targeted before
Kangana retweeted a fan’s tweet a day earlier. In this tweet too, while making fun of Taapsee Pannu, it was said that she copies Kangana. Kangana wrote in this tweet, ‘Hahaha I am happy, this is my true fan who has put all his strength to become like me. No other female superstar has been copied like me. I am the most copied superstar after Mr. Bachchan. ‘