Irrfan Khan Birthday: When Irrfan Khan was asked by the Hollywood director to undress for the intimate scene, this reply was received

Irrfan Khan may no longer be among us, but he will be remembered forever because of his work. Irfan Khan’s real name is Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan. Today is Irfan’s birthday and the fans are lost once again in their memories of this star.

Irrfan Khan lied to his family before taking an acting course to get into films. However, he said that this lie was quite necessary for him. He told his mother that he would return to Jaipur after taking an acting course and become a teacher there. Once Irfan stepped into the acting world, he did not look back again.

Irrfan has also acted in several Hollywood films, apart from great films in Bollywood. From ‘Life of Pi’ to ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Jurassic World’, Irrfan played his acting magic in many films.

Irrfan narrated his experience working in Hollywood films on a chat show. During this, he told that he loves romance character in real life. However, he also talked about his problem on intimate scenes in films. Talking about his problems regarding the intimate scene, Irfan said, ‘I think the partner who is in front should not have any problem. I am not afraid of any problem on their face. If the front partner is comfortable then I like it. ‘

At the same time, he was asked whether he had appointed the Hollywood directors that intimate scenes in India are also done by wearing full clothes. Irrfan said, ‘Yes, the director I was working with said that you have an intimate scene, you take off the shirt. I said – I will not take off the shirt. He said – you are inside the bed, sleeping, then you will not sleep after taking off your clothes? I said – do not sleep with our clothes off. I told him – I am an Indian character, I will only wear clothes. But the truth is that I was ashamed, I did not want to show my body, so I told all this story.

Irrfan Khan died on 29 April 2020 at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. He was admitted to the hospital a night before for a colon infection. Actually, Irfan underwent a long-term treatment of neuroendocrine tumors in London and returned to the country after that, but his health did not improve much. Irrfan could not release the film due to health reasons even when the release of his film ‘English Medium’ in March.