Ghar Ghar Bajega Kailash Kher Ka Damaru: Damroo App Will Become Platform For New Singers | Kailash Kher brings the ocean of non-film music from every genre in India and abroad in ‘Damru’

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  • Music seekers will be born in Kailash Kher Academy for Learning Art
  • This app will also become a platform for new singers.

Kailash and Damru. One, where Shiva himself resides and the other one who always resides in Shiva’s hands. When Shiv Bhakt ‘Kailash Kher’, who created new dimensions in Indian spiritual music, made his own app, he also named it ‘Damru’. This app is an ocean of non-film songs of every genre, including folk music, spiritual music and songs from new talents in every language of India and abroad as well. Kailash Kher, who has spread the magic of his music in 18 languages ​​and awarded with Padma Shri, also provides music on the issue of social concern. Excerpts from his conversation with Dainik Bhaskar:

There are many songs and music appsthe What is special in ‘Damru’?
Necessity is the mother of invention. We have a lot of music being made here, it is playing everywhere, but it is all filmy. We wanted to bring to the fore the hidden and lost folk singing, singers of India. It has a wealth of music related to spirituality.

How many songs are there in it?
Damru is the world’s first and only app that has millions of songs in more than 20 languages. This is totally a Swadeshi app, which has songs of every genre. It can be called the ocean of music.

Is it only Indian music?
It has folk songs not only of India but also of foreign countries and songs from every corner of India. All kinds of music of every language of India will be found here. All types of non film songs will be found on this app. Not only this, there is music for every mood. The data shows that people of every religion, community and age are listening to the songs here all the time in every corner of the world.

Which song is a hit right now?
‘This is changing India, new India of new spirits…’ is getting the most streams. Be it Ishq Anokhi or Deewani, film songs of Kailash genre are also being heard.

Do you celebrate birthdays in some special way?
On my birthday, I do not know how to cut cakes, light candles. On my birthday I distribute one quintal of desi ghee laddus and most importantly on this day I launch new singers, give a platform to a new batch of singers. When a new singer comes, people consider it a competition that no one should cut my stomach or stand in my competition. People do not even pursue their disciples. But I am doing it for last 5 years. I light the lamp of new skills.

So many songs, more than 1800 concerts now what next?
I am not attracted by the dazzling world, live in a one-storey house by the sea, completely aloof from glamour, consider sadhana and austerity to be great. Now I am working on preparing the next plant of music this year.

Is there a specific project?
The motto of my life is “Each One Teach One”. This is the madness in me, the passion. In the same episode, we laid the foundation of Kailash Kher Academy for Learning Art in which will be online and Kala Dham will be physically. It will take shape only on the sea shore in Mumbai.

Will it be music school?
We have to get back what we have lost. Where along with music, lyrics, purity of language are also taught, there is no such institution. Here everything will be together.

Why was there a need for such an organization?
At present, there are many resources to serve music, but the seekers are getting less. Kailash Kher will bring uncut diamonds from all over India to the Academy for Learning Art. For those who have the disease to become a star, this will not be the place. Only seekers will be ready here.

Free app, no ads
Ram Mitra, CEO of ‘Damru’ app said that non-film music lovers will be able to enjoy it free of cost here. No advertisement will run in between here. This app is available for both Android and iOS OS. Our developer has specially made sure that the listeners enjoy the best of sound.

It is also a platform for singers
Ram Mishra also told that there are such talented people in every nook and corner of India who need such a platform which can distribute, promote their songs, increase their fans. We found many artists who wanted to give us music directly. He had not received such a non-film focused dedicated app till date.

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