Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant says to Abhinav Shukla – I love you, Rubina Dilac kept watching

In the reality show Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi keeps on ranting about Sawant Entertainment, which fans are very fond of. Now he called Abhinav Shukla I Love You. A promo video of the show has surfaced, in which she is seen flirting with Abhinav Shukla. However, Rakhi Sawant has done many times before that she likes Abhinav Shukla very much.

It can be seen in the promo that Rakhi Sawant and Abhinav Shukla are washing dishes in the kitchen and talking together. Meanwhile, Rakhi tells Abhinav that this pot is vartan, what is it, I will walk with you to the grave. After this Rakhi does not cut for Abhinav, these days these songs start singing. Rakhi says to Abhinav, “Take today I say, I love you.” In response, Abhinav says, “Wash the dishes.” Meanwhile, Rubina is sitting away listening to Rakhi and Abhinav’s words. . Obviously, Rakhi does not like these things, Rubina.

Earlier in the show, Abhinav Shukla taught Rakhi Sawant to wear a saree. Rakhi tells the family that Abhinav will wear them in a sari. On this Rakhi’s statement, Rubina Dilak says that I help in this, but Rakhi says that no, today your husband will wear a sari to us and we will perform his aarti. Abhinav goes away wearing Rakhi wearing a sari and then Rakhi speaks about how she wore a sari and made me samosa.

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Salman Khan made Rakhi Sawant’s bed
Salman Khan was seen cleaning the bed of Rakhi Sawant in the show’s latest weekend episode. Actually, Nikki Tamboli refuses to clean Rakhi’s bed, after which Salman Khan himself enters the house of Bigg Boss and makes Rakhi’s bed. In the show’s Weekend War episode, Ejaz Khan complains to Salman that Nikki had said that I will not make Rakhi’s bed. Nikki tells Salman that she does not know how to make beds. After this, Salman Khan says that you do not know how to make, there is no wait.

Bigg Boss 14: Salman Khan cleaned the bed of Rakhi and taught Nikki Tamboli a lesson, said – no work is small

After this Salman enters the Big Boss house wearing a mask and gloves in his hands and starts making Rakhi’s bed. Meanwhile, Ali Goni says stop brother. To this, he answers why brother. He arranges Rakhi’s bed clean and well. After this he asks Rakhi is it okay? After making the beds, Salman Khan says that no work is small.