Bigg Boss 14: Bhai Imran reacted to the bonding of Holy Punia with Ejaz Khan, said this

In the house of Bigg Boss 14, Ejaz Khan is constantly becoming strong contestant. Even though the co-contestants do not support him, but he has made his strong position in Big Boss. Recently he got a chance to meet his crush Pavitra Punia and his brother Imran Khan in Bigg Boss. Now Imran has given his reaction to the bonding of Ijaz and Pavitra Punia.

During an interview with ETimes, Imran said, “It is great to see that in the Big Boss, Pavitra was supporting Aijaz, but what both do outside the house and what does he decide about his personal life, We will have to do that. We should respect the decision he takes in his personal life. ”

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A few days ago in the episode of the show, Ejaz Khan told that he was exploited in childhood and because of that he still fears touch. Reacting to this, Imran Khan said, “I found Ejaz Khan very strong at that time. He was brave enough to share his experience with the world and I think his voice will help other people, who stand up for something similar and speak for themselves. I felt that it was a matter of bravery for him to do something like this. I told him during my meeting that father is proud of him.