Active on social media: Sonu Sood uses Twitter more than Akshay and Shahrukh, ranked fourth in Twitter’s Twitter engagement list

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5 days ago

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Bollywood stars are using Twitter the most these days to stay in touch with their fans. Sonu Sood’s name has come up in the term of most Twitter usage during this epidemic, which has overtaken big stars like Shah Rukh Akshay in Twitter engagement. Another social media analytics firm Tweetit has released an October analysis report. In which Sonu ranks fourth.

Analysis in these categories
The categories among which Twitter did this analysis included politicians, journalists, business leaders, founders and investors, sportsmen, chefs, writers, comedians and movie stars. PM Modi is first in this list. The second number is of Rahul Gandhi. Virat Kohli is at number three and Sonu at number four.

Sonu is continuously active since lockdown
Shahrukh Khan has 41.3 million followers on Twitter. While Sonu’s just 4.6 million. That is, one tenth of Shahrukh’s followers. Despite that, Sonu won the Bollywood stars list with 2.4 million engagements. Talking about Sonu, he is constantly using Twitter to help the migrants, students and the needy.

These are the rest of the stars in the list
Shah Rukh Khan is second only to the list of movie stars with 7.3 lakh engagements, while Akshay Kumar is at number three with 6.72 lakh engagements. Anupam Kher is ranked fourth with 4.2 lakh engagements and Ritesh Deshmukh is at number 5 with 4.2 lakh engagements. Pooja Hegde has entered the top 10 and her engagement is 2.51 lakh.

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