aamir khan brother faisal: Aamir Khan brother Faisal revealed details about what happend after his film Mela flopped

Aamir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan is in discussion these days about his new film ‘Factory’. Faizal Khan told that Aamir Khan had advised him to look for some other career option by calling him a bad actor. This thing is old, when he was seen in the film ‘Mela’ with Aamir and Twinkle. Faizal also narrated the story when Aamir reached his house with an army of police and doctors.

Faizal narrated the story after the flop of the film ‘Mela’. Before the release of the film ‘Factory’, in an interview with Raunak Koteja, Faizal was asked if Aamir Khan helped him when his film ‘Mela’ flopped and he was wandering around for roles? Faizal said in a simple way – Aamir is the best person to answer this question.

Referring to that period, Faizal said, ‘He did not help me at all. Today with Factory I have realized my power. Why should someone help you?’

Faizal said, ‘After the film Mela, Aamir called me and said – Faizal, you are not a good actor, now the fair also flopped, now what? Now you should look for some more work in life.’ Faizal said that Aamir told him that he doesn’t think he (Faizal) is an actor.

Faizal told, ‘Aamir told me that you are not a good actor, you cannot act. So you start some other work, you should think about what you want to do in life. When Aamir felt that I am not a good actor and cannot perform well, how could I have asked him for work, how could someone ask for help?’

Faizal said, ‘As a brother, I have always supported Aamir. I am always happy about the success that Aamir has achieved. I am one of those who eat vada pav standing on the road, if I want to, then I go by auto, I live my life like this. I have never been jealous of Aamir’s success.

Talking about his mental health issue, he said, ‘I stopped meeting my family because there were differences between us about some things. Instead of fighting them, I isolated myself, because sometimes even distance sets things right. He further said, ‘When I got separated, he felt that he got separated from the family, what happened to it. The family got upset, he said – this family is not getting it, that is, it has gone mad. After this one day Aamir Khan came to my house, police and doctors were also with him. He was also telling me for a long time that Faizal you are not well. Aamir Khan came and said that you are a victim of schizophrenia, you keep on doubting everyone. I said- I don’t doubt anyone. Aamir said- Faizal, if you do not go to the nursing home with me now, then there is a doctor here, he will give you injections and unconsciously take you away. I said, there is no need to do all this, let me go like this. I thought they would do some tests for me and leave. You are bringing a rope with the police, bringing sticks, taking them to Kozi Nursing Home, this was a completely illegal activity. It was not needed.

He further said, ‘My phone was taken. They imprisoned me there. They used to give medicine in water, which was testless and I started sleeping for 20-20 hours. Then I thought hey this is messed up. I thought if there would be an overdose, I might even die. I called my sister and told that give me medicine, I will take it but someone should monitor how much is being given. After this, after 20 days, he said that now you are a little better, you can go home.

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