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Fans are very fond of the bonding between Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundrra in ‘Bigg Boss 15’ so far. There was also a tussle between the two, but their friendship remains intact. They have said many times in the show that they have a special place in their hearts for each other. In this Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan is going to give a surprise to both of them. This week Tejashwi’s parents will connect via video call. Both Tejashwi and Karan are shocked to see this. Karan also tries to talk to her in Marathi.

Tejashwi and Karan openly confessed their relationship

Colors TV has shared a promo video on its official Instagram account. In the video, Salman tells Karan that ‘I saw you were very eager to meet Tejashwi’s parents but you could not meet and you are also learning Marathi’. Tejashwi’s parents are then contacted. Tejaswi’s mother says, ‘Both are playing very well.’ Further Salman Khan talks to him in Marathi.

Karan says about his relationship in Marathi. Salman says, ‘All that is fine but whether the relationship is sure or not?’ The caption accompanying the video read, ‘#TejRan made his relationship official, with permission from Tejashwi’s parents.’

Mika will have fun

In the episode, Mika Singh will also be seen rocking the stage. Mika sings some of his hit songs. Seeing them, Rakhi says, ‘Oh my God.’ Looking at Rakhi on the screen, Salman says, ‘Rakhi your favorite has arrived. Today was not your birthday.’ Then Mika says, ‘It’s my birthday.’ Salman tells them, ‘Phir birthday kisses to banta hai’. Mika does a flying kiss while looking at Rakhi. In response, Rakhi also does flying kisses to him.

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