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as the finale nears bigg boss 15 Many people have started showing interest in (Bigg Boss 15). On social media, everyone is definitely writing something or the other about their favorite contestants. From the general public to all the celebs, they are competing to make their favorite contestants the winner. If we talk about Prateek Sahajpal, he has been winning the hearts of millions and crores of people since the very beginning. Gauahar Khan and Bipasha Basu do not tire of praising Prateek Sahajpal’s game on Twitter every day. Let us inform that now the name of Kavita Kaushik has also been added to this list. Kavita Kaushik has compared Prateek to Salman Khan.

Poetry tied the bridge of praise to the symbol

While praising Prateek Sahajpal, Kavita Kaushik compared him to Salman Khan of Maine Pyar Kiya. Kavita Kaushik tweeted, ‘There is a boy who is everywhere in Instagram clips and on TV, who looks exactly like Salman Khan from Maine Pyaar Kiya. More Contemporary and Funky… Symbols…. Looks like he is the star of tomorrow.

Symbols dominate twitter trends

These days, the name of Prateek Sahajpal is often covered in Twitter trends. Let us tell you that Prateek Sahajpal had also participated in Bigg Boss OTT and people liked him a lot in that game show also. Prateek Sahajpal benefited a lot because of Bigg Boss OTT because people understood him through that game show. In such a situation, one of his fan followings was already ready.

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