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bigg boss 15 After getting out of the film, Umar Riaz is repeatedly targeting the makers as soon as he gets the opportunity. Recently, coming in front of the media, Umar Riaz told in gestures that he is not happy with his eviction and the makers have done wrong with him. The eviction of Umar Riaz has left not only his family members but also the fans of Bigg Boss 15 very disappointed. Twitter But by getting Umar Riyaz’s name trending with millions of tweets, he proved that he is the real winner in the eyes of the public. Just a few days after his eviction, now Umar Riaz is trying to put forward his points one by one.

Told Tejashwi-Karan fake?

In his recent interview, Umar Riaz has in a way raised the question on the love angle made at home. Umar Riaz says, ‘I didn’t create any love angle in the show. If I wanted to make it, I would have already done all this…as everyone else did. Be it Karan, Tejashwi or Ishaan and Maisha. I could have made a love angle at the same time.’ Although Umar Riyaz has become a close friend of Karan Kundra, but his statement is clearly telling that he thinks that the love angles made in the house are fake.

Karan’s family members have adopted Tejashwi

Last night, the contestants talked to their family members through video call. During this, Karan Kundrra’s father told that his family members like Tejashwi Prakash very much. In such a situation, fans have started speculating that Tejashwi Prakash and Karan Kundrra will get married as soon as Bigg Boss 15 ends. For the time being, it has to be seen that what will be the reaction of #Tejran’s fans on the new statement of Umar Riaz.

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