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In the recent episode of Bigg Boss season 15, the players were given a chance to meet their family members. However, Devoleena Bhattacharjee refused to talk to Abhijeet Bichukale’s wife, mother and children due to the ongoing fight for several weeks. Devoleena clearly said that she is not at all interested in just meeting him.

Devoleena flatly refused to meet
While Abhijeet was talking to his family, Prateek Sahajpal and Rashmi Desai tried hard to convince Devoleena to go and meet Abhijeet’s family. She said that she can at least meet Abhijeet’s children. However, he denied saying that he had nothing to do with Abhijeet.

Rashmi-Pratik kept on explaining to Devoleena
Devoleena said that this is the reason why she does not want to meet him. While talking to the family, Abhijeet told his wife and mother that bigg boss 15 Has given him a sister like Rakhi Sawant. Abhijeet’s wife also told the players that they may say some bad things to you but when you come out of this show, forget everything.

There is no such attitude towards women
Abhijeet’s wife said, ‘Trust me, whatever he is saying does not really mean that. They don’t look at women this way. Let us tell you that the journey of the 15th season of the reality TV show Bigg Boss is going to end soon. The show has seen strong action and drama so far. But the question is still to be answered that who will be the winner of this season?

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