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There are reports of Jai Bhanushali being out of the Bigg Boss 15 house. Meanwhile, his wife Mahi Vij has shared an emotional video. In this video his daughter Tara is calling after seeing her father on TV. Jai-Mahi’s daughter is also seen kissing on TV. In the show, Jai has also become emotional many times about his daughter. His daughter is also missing him a lot.

Tara was seen trying to enter the TV

Mahi shared the video and wrote, Searching for the door to go inside. In the video, Tara is standing near the TV. Jai is visible on the screen. Tara is calling him by saying papa aa aajo and is knocking on the TV screen. Tara is trying her best to somehow reach Jai. When she is not successful, she starts kissing the screen itself. Mahi’s followers are lavishing love on this video of Tara.

Jai Bhanushali is haunted by the memory of the family

Ever since Jai Bhanushali went to Bigg Boss, Mahi has shared many videos of him with Tara. At the same time, Jai Bhanushali has also become emotional in the show. Even during the conference, he had said that he is missing his family a lot. He had told that he did not want to appear on the show this year as his daughter is very young. He was crying saying that if he remembers me, he will not be able to tell anyone.

There are reports of Jai being out of the show

Jai Bhanushali is desperate to meet his family, meanwhile there are reports that after Simba Nagpal there has been another shocking eviction which is of Jai Bhanushali. The Khabri has tweeted about this, although it has also written that confirmation is awaited.

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