Bigg Boss 15 written update Rakhi Sawant calls Rajiv Adatiya Meetha say he spits in food – Entertainment News India – Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant calls Rajiv Adatiya ‘sweet’

bigg boss 15 The ruckus has started with the entry of VIPs in the house. Fights are taking place every day between the contestants already living in the house and the players who came in the wild card entry. In the last episodes, there was a fierce Tu-Tu-Main-Main between Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh and Karan Kundra. Rakhi also jumped in this fight. Now the fight between Rakhi and Shamita Shetty’s estranged brother Rajeev Adatia is in the news. Rakhi calls Rajiv sweet. Rajiv was very sad on this. Not only this, Rakhi also accused Rajiv of spitting in food.

Big fight between Rajeev and Rakhi

Fights over food and household chores are common in Bigg Boss. Sometimes the contestants also use inappropriate language in the midst of fights. Rakhi Sawant is likewise always in the headlines for speaking without filter. Rakhi and Rajiv had a fight over kitchen duties. Rajiv was standing beside Rakhi. During this, he told Nishant Bhatt, this Rajiv himself is also sweet and makes such sweet tea.

Rajiv did not know the meaning of ‘sweet’

The channel muted Rakhi’s words but it was clear what Rakhi had said. Rajiv did not know the meaning of this. When he found out later, he was very sad. He told Umar and Rashmi Desai that at that time he did not react because he did not know that the word Rakhi said, he did not know the meaning. Let us tell you that Rajiv has given a hint of having a close relationship with Ishaan Sehgal on this show.

accused of spitting in food

On this Rashmi told Rajiv that Rakhi has a habit that sometimes she says things jokingly. Rashmi advises Rajiv to go and tell Rakhi that she felt bad for saying such a thing. At the same time, there was a fierce fight between Rakhi and Rajiv over cooking. Rakhi tells Rajiv that you will not cook because you spit in the food. Rajeev tells her that she is speaking dirty talk. To this Rakhi replies, I am VIP, I will speak. Rakhi and Rajiv’s quarrel will reach at which point, they have been associated with Hindustan to know.

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