Bigg Boss 15 Salman Weekend Ka Vaar Warns Abhijit Bichukale To drag him out by his hair – Entertainment News India

The journey of the 15th season of TV’s most controversial reality show Bigg Boss will end soon. Before the finale episode, every contestant is trying his best to win. There is tremendous action and drama in the show. In the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar, Dabangg Khan will once again be seen taking classes for the family members, but the most interesting part will be the one in which Salman Khan Abhijeet warns Bichukale to drag him out of the house.

Abhijeet Bichukale will clash with Salman Khan
Contestant Abhijeet Bichukle has been notorious for misbehaving with family members and crossing his limits. Salman Khan has warned Abhijeet for this in the past but in the upcoming episode, Salman Khan will also be seen threatening Abhijeet while crossing the limits. A promo video shows the competition of Salman Khan Abhijeet.

Salman Khan threatens Abhijeet
It happened that Salman Khan said to Abhijeet, ‘How would you feel if someone else gave this dirty abuse to your family? I am giving this warning, I will come out in mid-week and take it out from here, holding my hair. However, after this, what happened, perhaps even Salman Khan himself did not expect it. Abhijeet immediately replied in a stern manner – now shall I speak?

i will come home and kill me
After this, Salman Khan immediately replied angrily – Tu Bolega? I will come home and kill you. Salman Khan moves fast towards the door of Bigg Boss house and orders to open the gate. What happened after this is not shown in the promo video. However, Abhijeet is later shown angrily speaking on the mic saying that such a show has gone to hell. I don’t even want to be in such a show. Open the door of the house.

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