Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant got dizzy after hearing Abhijeet words Nishant style changed for Rashmi Desai – Entertainment News India

Bigg Boss 15: These days, the audience is very happy to see the comedy of Rakhi Sawant and Abhijeet Bichukale, who created a ruckus in ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’. Looking at the show these days, it seems that the game has become more fun after the entry of a wild card contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Two promos of the upcoming episode are going viral on social media, in which Rakhi-Abhijeet are seen discussing the toilet while on the other hand Shamita Shetty, Tejashwi and Nishant are seen messing with the VIP wild card contestants.

Rakhi – Abhijeet comedy

In the first promo of the show on the official Instagram of Karlas TV, we can see that Rakhi-Abhijit are discussing about going to the toilet. Abhijeet tells Rakhi that I go only once in 24 hours. Rakhi says to go to the toilet? Rakhi then says you find it boring to go to the toilet. On this Abhijeet says that’s why I don’t eat food, I find it boring to go. Hearing Abhijeet, Rakhi Sawant’s head starts twitching, he says while holding his forehead – Going to the toilet seems boring, so he will not eat food.

Rashmi rained on non VIP members

In another promo, the family members have refused to obey the orders of VIP members Rashmi Desai, Rakhi Sawant and Devoleena, Rakhi and others. In the video, Nishant clearly refused that he will no longer follow any order of VIP. On the other hand, Tejashwi Karan says that now she will do her work by stealing things from the VIP zone. Seeing this attitude of non VIP members, Rashmi will be seen losing her cool in anger.

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