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There is always something shocking happening in Bigg Boss. This time in the latest episode, the creativity of the makers was not digested by the people. On Tuesday, the makers released the promo of Elimination. It is seen in this video that the coffin has been used to throw him out of the show. Seeing such an elimination, there is displeasure among the viewers of Bigg Boss. A lot of negative comments are being received on this promo on social media. People say that showing the coffin in the name of entertainment is wrong.

Elimination will happen in Bigg Boss 15 today!

On Tuesday, a video was released from the official Twitter handle of Bigg Boss, on which the viewers are furious. This promo has been captioned as, today a black cloud of elimination will be in the house of BB15. Will the family members sacrifice relationships for their own survival? Watch Bigg Boss 15 to know.

Contestants were taken out in the coffin

In the video, Bigg Boss is heard saying that the relationship created will be tested for fire. Shamita is heard saying that she cannot let her brother go. This is the toughest decision. The contestants of the show are seen crying. Along with this, a coffin is also shown in which the eliminated one is sent out of the house.

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Viewers were furious after seeing such entertainment

The audience did not like being sent to the coffin after elimination. One reader wrote, “Sending in a coffin for elimination is lousy. It shows how negative the show has become creatively. It is very dropped and negative. How can these people even bring such a concept? Many people have written that they are strictly against showing the coffin in the name of entertainment.

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