Bigg Boss 15: Karan Kundrra gets jealous of Vishal Kotian bonding with Tejashwi Prakash Rajiv is also getting irritated now – Entertainment News India – Bigg Boss 15: Tejashwi Prakash

The episode of Bigg Boss 15, on Friday, November 19, got the audience an ample dose of drama, romance and nostalgia. The episode saw Tejasswi Prakash bonding with Vishal Kotian, much to Karan Kundrra’s dismay. So much he started feeling jealous after hearing the words of Teja and Vishal. Meanwhile, Nishant Bhatt’s anger and Neha Bhasin’s birthday celebration kept the atmosphere positive in the house.

Jai Bhanushali and Prateek Sahajpal argue

In the beginning of the episode, Umar Riaz was seen arguing with Jai Bhanushali and Prateek Sahajpal over the kitchen work. Umar accused Jai of not doing house duty, but the actor denied the allegations and said that he is performing his duties well. After this, Karan was seen trying to pacify Umar and Prateek told Jai and Karan to share their duty with each other.

Neha-Nishant argue because of the symbol

In the next part of the episode, Neha Bhasin is seen fighting fiercely with Nishant Bhatt. The argument between Neha and Prateek starts when Neha discusses their duty with him. Prateek asks Neha to get out of Bigg Boss 15 house. Then Nishant lost his cool and he broke a stool while shouting at him. Then Neha and Nishant got into a heated argument which almost turned violent. After the debate, Karan Kundrra, Vishal Kotian and Umar Riaz were seen talking to Neha Bhasin. All three are seen telling Neha that it is not their fault in this. Neha said that Prateek and Nishant don’t have basic manners, or both don’t know how to talk to a woman. Prateek and Nishant were listening to him sitting outside.

Neha’s birthday celebration

After the fight, now Neha Bhasin later celebrated her birthday with her Bigg Boss 15 housemates. Nishant Bhat and Prateek Sahajpal also became a part of Neha’s birthday celebrations. Vishal Kotian and Umar Riaz were seen giving a special performance at the birthday party and thus the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss 15 house became normal for a while. Nishant and Prateek then apologize to Neha for their behaviour.

Karan dislikes Vishal-Teja’s bonding

In the subsequent sequence, Rajeev Adatiya is seen complaining to Nishant about Tejashwi’s behavior. Hearing this, Tejashwi gets angry and the fight of both starts. Rajeev shouts at Teja saying that she cannot order him. However Prateek and Vishal tell him that he is getting hyper. Meanwhile, Karan is seen being possessive about Tejashwi and admits to Umar that he misses Teja’s bonding with Vishal. However, Umar assures them that Tejashwi is just playing the game.

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