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bigg boss 15 4 new people have entered in this, including Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ritesh. After a long wait, Rakhi finally introduced people to her husband but the audience still has doubts about his realness. Ritesh is seen active in Bigg Boss show. At the same time, people are questioning on social media whether Ritesh has got money to become Rakhi’s husband. At the same time, Salman Khan also said on the show that there is no confidence that he will again leave Rakhi and disappear.

People do not trust Rakhi’s husband

The show has become a bit interesting after the arrival of 4 VIPs in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Entertainment Rakhi Sawant has entered the show along with her husband Ritesh. Riteish and Rakhi are trying to completely convince people that their relationship is real but people still have doubts that Ritesh shown in Bigg Boss is not Rakhi’s real husband.

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Ritesh is entertaining in the show

Ritesh was also seen fighting with the contestants. In the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, he called the relationship between Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash fake. Tejashwi tries to explain that their relationship is not a sham. Riteish was adamant that their closeness is only for the show. Rakhi also supported her husband on this.

Salman said the future is not known

When Salman came, he told Riteish, you can’t say anything about the future. You told us yesterday that you returned to Rakhi after 3 years. The whole world was thinking of him as a fake. You have come to fame on the show. Do you know after the show you disappear again. I hope this does not happen but if it happens then I think Rakhi should not be with such a person.

Ritesh is already married and father

Rakhi Sawant’s marriage was in the news a lot. Initially people were considering it as a publicity stunt. Rakhi used to remember Ritesh even when she came as a challenger in Bigg Boss 14. During the show, he told that Ritesh has another family (wife and child). He had told that after marriage Rakhi came to know about this. In an interview given to Tele Talk, Rakhi had told that Ritesh had hidden this thing from him. Had she known, she would not have broken into anyone’s house.

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