Bhaskar Interview: Nushrat Bharucha said, ‘I had decided long ago that even if it takes 15 years, I have to act’

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Nushrat Bharucha is coming to scare the audience with her upcoming film “Chhori”. It will release on OTT on November 26. In this conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Nusrat answered many important questions related to the film and career…

Why did you suddenly start getting scared while doing romantic films?

Now movies are made of every genre and we also watch it. As an audience, I myself have to watch films of every genre. If there is something new, then I have to see it first, then I have done something new thinking the same.

What is the story of ‘Chori’?

This is the story of a girl who is 8 months pregnant. For some reason, she reaches a place where something is not going well. At first he thinks that this is an illusion, but later it comes to know that this is really happening. This is a survival story of a mother. It is a remake of Marathi film.

Did you watch the original film before shooting?

I had made preparations but I did not see the original film because if I had seen it, I would have been stuck seeing the expressions of the original film’s actress. Then I would try to do the same. I had to keep my mind clean so that I could imagine myself and present the story in a new way.

You shot this film in Biobubble? How was that experience?

Before this experience, the lockdown had given us training to be alone. At home, I was staying with only four people and then when I reached the sets of “Chori” it was a bit scary to suddenly see so many people in PPE kits and masks around me. I still don’t know that my crew members Who were they because I didn’t even see their face. It was a bit strange for all of us but seeing the production preparations, all the fear went away. Also, it was a lot of problem in just night shoots because I have a lot of problem with cold and we open Used to shoot in the field and in the field.

This movie is completely riding on your shoulders. How did you feel with this responsibility?

Many times the responsibility of a film is on the shoulders of an actor or actress, but in this film the shoulders are divided. One is mine, one is for the director, one is for the producer. In this way we all shared our work and all fulfilled our responsibility completely. If all of us had not come together with the same vision, then this film would not have been made.

You have done very few films in your career. why the hell?

It is not that I am picky about the script. Earlier I was offered only one or two films a year, so I used to do the same, but now 4 to 5 films are being offered in a year, then I do as much. Now we all are being offered such tremendous content that we cannot refuse any film. The rest have now reached that stage that if I can never do any film, then it is not because of the reason that I did not like the script. Rather, the reason for that is because I don’t have dates.”

After ‘Chhori’, ‘Janhit Mein Jaari’ is coming. Why not do such women-centric films earlier?

Till now I was not being offered such kind of films. Now that there have been offers, I immediately said yes. If I meet you in future, I will definitely do it.”

Working with Akshay in ‘Ram Setu’. How is that experience?

Working with Akshay sir is so much fun what to say. He keeps everyone on the sets so happy that you are ready to visit the sets every other day. Even the biggest intense scenes are easily done with them.

There must have been low moments in the journey from TV shows to films. how do you deal with them,

There is no fixed pattern or technique to come out of this kind of feeling. There was a time when I was low for two years and I didn’t even know that it would take two years to recover from it. To be honest, somewhere or the other, the voice kept coming that I have just reached the place where I want to reach. Apart from this, I had accepted long back that even if it takes me 15 years to settle down in this industry, I will wait because that is all I have to do.

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