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Bhala Thandanana Movie Review & Download Movierulz

Bhala Thandanana Movie Review & Download: ‘Bhala Thandanana’ is a new film produced by Varahi Films, a leading production house with young hero Sri Vishnu as the hero. Catherine played the heroine opposite Lord Vishnu. The film, directed by Chaitanya Danthuluri, was released today. Let’s go into the review and see how the movie is.

The new hero is young hero Srivishnu. Lays carpet for different concepts. Movie hitta? Does it touch the mind of the viewer other than that it is fatta? Or not? Yours is more focused on that. In addition, he makes sure that almost all his films have Telugu titles in the Telugu language. Thus Annamayya took the word Bhala Thandanana in the kirtan and made a film with the same title. Directed by ‘Banam’ fame Chaitanya Danthuluri, the film has been highly anticipated by Lord Vishnu. And did this movie bring success to Lord Vishnu? Did he share something new with the audience through his film? How is the movie? Let’s see in the review.

Bhala Thandanana Movie Download Movierulz

Shashi (Katherine) is a Powerful Crime Investigation Reporter who exposes the dark side of many politicians. Chandu (Srivishnu) is a mug who works as an accountant in an orphanage. However, due to an incident, the two become close. On the other hand, Anand Bali, who also rules politics with hawala money, gets Rs 2,000 crore from someone. What is the relationship between that money and Chandu? Who is the real Chandu? Shashi – What kind of events take place in Chandu’s life? Is the rest of the story.

(Katherine) works as an investigative journalist in a media company. Knowing that there are IT attacks on an orphanage .. he goes there to cover that news. An acquaintance is made with Chandu alias Chandrasekhar (Srivishnu), the orphanage accountant who was there at the time. As the two approaches, a series of assassinations take place in the city. As the hawala king Anand Bali (Garuda Ram) was a man during the weeks of the murder .. Shashirekha takes this case seriously and studies it. It is learned that Rs 2,000 crore of hawala money was stolen from Anand Bali during this period. Shashirekha publishes this news in his media company and informs the world. What happened after that? Who stole Rs 2,000 crore so far? What has Chandu got to do with this theft case? That’s the rest of the story

Chandu is the main character in this movie .. the twist related to that character .. as well as the rest of the characters tied to that character .. the point of view of the characters .. the whole ‘Bhala Thandanana’ movie is impressive in some places. Some of the suspense scenes and twists and emotions that come with the comedy tone in particular are a special attraction of the film. Sri Vishnu, who played the hero in this movie, acted very well to suit his role. His looks and physique were well maintained. Impressed with his realistic acting, he became the highlight of the film.

Chaitanya Danthuluri was impressed with movies like Banam and Basanti. After a long gap, he screened ‘Bhala Thandanana’ with a crime thriller story. The point chosen by the director is new. He added comedy and love to the crime thriller in an attempt to impress all types of audiences. However, this is a bit of a minus for the film. Despite the many twists and turns in the story and the thrilling scenes, it feels like a routine movie due to its comedy and love track.

He took most of the time to introduce the characters on Faceoff. The director succeeds in telling the audience the real story of a kidnapping happening. A series of murders .. Fastoff ends with a love track between the hero and the heroines. The Love Failor Story that the hero tells in the form of a song is hilarious. The longer the interval the twist is, the more interest there is in the second half. In the second half, the whole story was Rs. 2000 crore hawala money revolves around. What has Chandu got to do with that money? Where is it hidden? Curiosity is aroused by the viewer. Although the climax is new.

It feels cinematic. Who is the real hero? What is his past? Rs. Where did he hide 2000 crores? Without saying anything .. he ended the story by saying that there is a second part. Without any pornography .. The movie goes on as a clean entertainer. As always, Lord Vishnu excelled in his role. Impressed with his performance as an innocent emperor in Fastoff and a man with different shades in Second off. Compared to previous films .. in which Srivishnu has shown maturity in acting.

She later tried to persuade Catherine to become an investigative journalist. Catherine‌ who came forward to the audience several days later .. looked a bit plump on screen. She dubbed the film. But it did not hurt. ‘Madam, the Telugu you speak .. is like English’, he said in a dialogue with the hero. He tried to convince the audience. Garuda Ram impresses as a villain. However, he lacks strong scenes‌ minus‌. In the role of Dayamayam with negative shades, Posani Krishna murali not only excelled but also laughed with his own comedy. The comedy scenes that come with the truth in Fastoff are impressive. The rest of the cast,

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