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Beast Tamil Full Movie Review & Download

Beast Tamil Movie Review & Download: A ‘Raw’ unit agent is involved in a special operation to arrest the terrorist, Umar Farooq. The militants are taking control of a mall demanding the release of arrested Umar Farooq. Will the hero (Vijay) save the people? What were the strategies he used? What happened to the arrested Omar Farooq? – ‘Beast’ answers many questions like this.

Veera Raghavan has quit his job as a spy due to an accident that broke his arm. Yet, fate puts him in another predicament in the form of love. Veera Raghavan goes with his team to a mall regarding a new company problem he is looking for. Terrorists hijack that evening in Chennai to free someone with a big head. The government is talking to the extremists on the one hand and on the other hand, Veera Raghavan inside the mall is starting to bully the extremists. To turn everything into a three-way war, the story of ‘Beast’ is about who kills whom and who is left.

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Vijay as a player. He continues to perform age-reducing magic from film to film. The same goes for the fitness gathering with fitness. Vijay captivates the fans with his look and splashes energy on the dance scenes. Carries the whole picture as ‘Oneman Army’. He matures into a character who does not express emotions on a large scale no matter what happens. Pooja Hegde who comes as Preethi has a no bigger role than to fall in love with Vijay. Sometimes used as a ‘tool’ to hit enemies. Impresses fans with beauty and dance. Pooja has shown suitable acting for the character.

Vijay as a player. It has more violent scenes than ever before in Vijay films. But, they are so stylish to look at. In the stunt scenes, the man bends the bow. Both Vijay Dance and Costume are in the song sequences. In the comedy army, Sunil and Siva Aravind are coming as an extension of the Mahali and Kili characters of ‘Doctor’. Pooja Hegde impresses in the first scene where she meets Vijay and in the scene where she gets stuck talking to Satish. Despite the comedy scenes for Retin Kingsley and Yogi Babu, they did not work out much.

Aparna Das gets attention as only a few scenes come and go. The much-anticipated rich man, Shine is disappointed with the lack of great scope for Tom Sacco’s characters. Selvaragavan does his part-time job of praising Vijay. Otherwise, timing comedies like VTV Ganesh’s ‘Rama Koncha Irra Gama’ have added great strength to the film. Yogi Babu, meanwhile, is less important in this film than in Nelson’s previous films for Redin Kings Lee.

VTV Ganesh and Dance Master Satish are the newcomers to comedy in this film. Both have done their part well. A lot of the mannerisms of VTV Ganesh make you laugh. Ravi Krishna seems to be the ‘7G Rainbow Colony’ in the role played by Selvara. Or, I don’t know if Selvaragavan is acting like this because he is ‘7G’ Ravi Krishna. Otherwise, his fluctuating verses fit the character. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is not only Selva’s character who is being dubbed as ‘Amba Ivan Drama Pandranpa’. It has long been the custom in Malayalam cinemas to import good actors into Tamil and honor them with up puma characters. A newcomer to that list is Tom Shine Sacco.

Throughout the first half, the film moves in a style similar to that of commercial cinema, with comedy, romance, and occasional fight scenes. Nelson has done well in the first half with a screenplay that does not cause boredom. The second half seems to stumble over where to move the story to the next level. Dummy making extremists and adding weight to the protagonist has created an uninteresting tendency in the film.

Shine is wasted on not using a good actor like Tom Sacco, and the way the characters are written can feel soggy. Omar Farooq’s character is a slightly unsuitable choice for a negative role. The leader of the militant group that gives Bildt the mask does not in any way add justice to the character.

The official deal with the Union Home Minister has been so assorted that the government’s decision to release a key militant who was admitted to a mall and held hostage has reduced the weight of the story. Although the commercial does not require logic, it does not stick to the scenes as Vijay drives a car into the mall, gives duff to the militants’ guns with the same knife, hides in two iron gates, and initiates all the militants, in some scenes the militants come with guns and fight without guns to help Vijay.

Besides, going to Pakistan alone and rescuing the militant, returning home on a warplane, the Indian government is bound by Vijay’s word, dealing with the Home Minister like a local politician … Aww … could Nelson have shown a little mercy ?! The scenes stand out in Manoj Paramahamsa’s cinematography. Especially the frame that tears the Vijay screen with the knife. He has entertained the camera with bike riding scenes and fight scenes. The songs in Anirudh’s music make you murmur. Background music is OK. Johnny Master’s dance enlivens the songs.

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