B Praak Wife: 9 months old, that little heart is calm now- B Praak’s wife Meera groans in pain after losing her newborn child

Industry’s famous singer B Praak and his wife Meera Bachchan often share photos of each other. There is a lot of love between the two and their love is visible on social media. A few days ago, such a mountain of sorrows broke in the life of the couple that all of a sudden their everything ended. After all, both of them lost their child a few days back, who was born immediately. B Praak shared the sad news with everyone on his social media handle and requested everyone to let him be alone for some time. During this, Mira Bachchan did not say a word. But today, the grieving mother took to her social media handle to express her feelings as she penned a heartwarming note for her lost child.

B Praak’s wife’s emotional note
Meera wrote on her Instagram, ‘There is a special angel in heaven who is a part of me, this is not where I wanted her to be, but God wanted her to be there. He came here like a shooting star for a moment and now he is in heaven. He touched the hearts of many like only an angel can do. I would have loved her so much if I had known. Even if you are not with me, I will never stop loving you. I think of you every moment and only wish I could do my part and tell you how much we love you.’

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You were and always will be – Meera
He further wrote, ‘Your little heart was beating so loudly for so many months, it is silent now. Your little hands and feet were running loudly for so many months.. Now they are calm. We had long dreamed of seeing you growing up, holding you tightly, but the destiny was such that I only dream of your smile. Mama will love you till the end and the truth is that you were, you are and will always be mine. I love you my angel.’

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Support from fans
This is the first time that Mira Bachchan has shared something after the death of her child. The hardship she is going through can only be imagined. Yet he mustered up the courage to express himself. He also got tremendous support from netizens. One wrote, ‘More power to you,’ praying for continued peace’, another wrote, ‘Blessed be – wherever your little angel is – and lots of love and strength to you merry’,’ as you said, The sun will rise again,’ and such words filled his comment box.

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