Aryan Khan Innocent: After the High Court’s order, the celeb was furious, Sanjay Gupta said – ‘Who will pay the compensation for what happened to Shahrukh’s family?’

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  • Aryan Khan Is Innocent: After The Order Of The High Court, The Celeb Got Angry, Sanjay Gupta Said – Who Will Pay The Compensation For What Happened To Shahrukh’s Family

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Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Aryan and his accomplices were taken into custody from the high-profile rave party going on at Cordiela Cruz, after which they were released on bail on October 29. Now on Saturday, the Bombay High Court has released Aryan’s bail order after not getting any evidence, saying that he was not a part of this conspiracy, after which many celebs including Sanjay Gupta, Ram Gopal Varma and KRK have raised their voice for the family. .

Recently, filmmaker Sanjay Gupta has shared a news on social media in which it is written that the Bombay High Court has issued a bail order stating that no evidence has been found against Aryan for his involvement in this conspiracy. Sharing this, the filmmaker wrote, “The Bombay High Court has said that Aryan Khan is innocent. But who will pay the compensation for what Aryan Khan and his family suffered.

In another tweet, Sanjay wrote, This is the headline in every newspaper this morning. Will the news channels also show it in the same way as they had leveled baseless and wrong allegations against Aryan?

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has written after the order of the High Court, the court has said that Aryan has been kept in jail for 30 days unnecessarily, now the question is whether the media will show the mistake of NCB for 30 days. I guess probably not more than a day.

Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK wrote, Bombay High Court has declared Aryan innocent, but who will take responsibility for the one who has been in jail for 26 days.

Court issued 14-page order

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) did not have any evidence against Aryan Khan, who was in custody for 26 days in the cruise drugs case. The detailed order of bail granted by the Bombay High Court to Aryan, son of Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, was made public on Saturday. The court has blown away all the theory of NCB in a detailed order of 14 pages. The Bombay High Court has held that there is no concrete evidence that Aryan Khan, along with other accused, conspired for drug consumption. Aryan Khan’s WhatsApp chat can also not be considered as any special evidence.

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