Anupamaa Kavya will create a lot of ruckus on Ba-Babuji Anniversary and vanraj shah anuj kapadia anupma again to be shocked – Entertainment News India

The TV serial ‘Anupama’ is now going to give more fun to the audience because now where Kavya is moving ahead in her moves, Vanraj is determined to taunt her at every step and distance her. Even though this behavior of Kavya and Vanraj bothers Babuji-ba and the children, but both will make every effort to challenge and humiliate each other. Now according to media reports about the show, Rakhi Dave will once again take advantage of the increasing distance between Kavya and Vanraj. Rakhi will get all the properties from Kavya in her name.

Ba’s insult in front of Babuji

Till now you have seen, Kavya shouts at Ba in front of Babuji and tells him that Anupama should not come in the house. She would insult and threaten Baa. On the other hand, Kavya is upset that every single member of the Shah family is ignoring her, no one is listening to her. In such a situation, she is furious like a gagging cat. She is about to do something that the Shah family has never expected.

There is going to be a huge commotion in the house

Now in the coming episodes, Anupama gives a piece of advice to Vanraj in order to reunite Babuji-Baa once again and make them happy. She says that as the 50th wedding anniversary of Babuji and Ba is about to come, she tells them a plan to get married again as a surprise. Everyone agrees with Anupama but when Kavya learns why she was not asked about it at her own house, she gets angry. She will first show her attitude to Vanraj, but in front of Vanraj’s anger, her attitude will be dampened. But she will plan again to create a ruckus.

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