Anupamaa Anuj Kapadia aka Gaurav Khanna pulls Nidhi Shah’s legs for her latest photoshoot – Entertainment News India

Almost all the actors of the TV serial Anupama post something on social media every day. Most of the posts of these artists are related to serial Anupama. Actress Nidhi Shah plays the role of Anupama’s elder daughter-in-law Kinjal Shah in this serial and has shared some of her new pictures on Instagram. Nidhi Shah gets her photoshoot done fiercely as soon as she becomes free on the set of this serial. Although there is nothing new in this, but a reaction on her pictures is now attracting everyone’s attention.

Fans are praising Nidhi

In these pictures, Nidhi Shah is wearing an off-white designer saree. You will see this look of Nidhi Shah in the upcoming episode of Anupama. Fans are constantly commenting on these pictures of Nidhi. One user wrote, ‘Every picture of you is a hit just like the serial.’ Another user wrote, ‘No one like Kinjal.’

Gaurav pulled Nidhi’s leg

Gaurav Khanna has made such a comment on these pictures of Nidhi Shah that a smile will definitely come on your face. Actually, while sharing these pictures, Nidhi Shah has written in the caption, ‘Kinjal’s Little Dojo’. Gaurav has commented on this, ‘Actually it is quite lit (small)’.

The story will go on like this

Anupama’s story is going to take a new turn next week itself. The Shah family is about to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Baa and Babuji together. Anuj and Anupama will also participate in this celebration. In the midst of this celebration, Ba will suffer a heart attack and the happiness of the Shah family will once again be found in the soil.

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