Anupama aka Rupali Ganguly shares beautiful pics with Anuj Kapadia aka Gaurav Khanna from the sets – Entertainment News India

Every day some picture comes out from the set of TV serial Anupama. Amidst the hectic schedule, Rupali Ganguly does not let her fans miss a single chance to glimpse the sets. Ever since the entry of Gaurav Khanna in this show, fans have been sprinkling their lives on the pair of Anuj-Anupama. Rupali Ganguly always shares those set pictures for her fans in which Gaurav Khanna is with her. Once again Rupali Ganguly has shared some such pictures. These pictures are becoming fiercely viral on social media at this time.

Anuj and Anupama’s strong chemistry

The strong chemistry of Anuj and Anupama is visible in these pictures. Sharing these pictures, Rupali wrote, ‘Today is not Maan Day, but surprises are made in mid-week. You guys give so much love, so we thought we should also give a little surprise. Actually, Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna share some picture or video for their fans every Monday.

Anuj Kapadia did qawwali

In the upcoming episode of Anupama, the Shah family is about to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Baa and Babuji. Along with this, soon the rituals of Nandini and Samar’s Haldi Ceremony will also be performed. During this, Anuj Kapadia will also be involved in the happiness of the Shah family. Recently, a video of Gaurav Khanna also surfaced, in which he was seen performing qawwali with Paras Kalnawat.

Anupama’s story will go on like this

In the coming days, Babuji will decide to get Anuj and Anupama married. Anupama will also understand how much a true companion is needed in life. With this Vanraj will try his best to teach Kavya a lesson. Kavya has fraudulently got Shah House in her name and this is not acceptable to Vanraj.

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